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Wrong Way To nursery Anthurium

Anthurium Plant

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Anthurium In actual treatment does not require special measures that are difficult to do, but it’s still a lot of beginners, especially hobiis still complain that Anthuriumnya the pest or disease interference mushrooms, shrimp and pale leaves, and root rot occur stem, leaf shoots grow abnormal, stalk lengthwise Unlike other similar Anthurium, ear can not be, and much more.
In general, the interference in sebabkan some error as follows:

1. Too often disiram
The penghobi usually too pity on trees and sprinkling too often for fear Anthuriumnya experiencing drought. Indeed, at the top of the media to dry quickly, but they do not check the moisture in the media. This can be anticipated in the media using the plant seporous may perforate the side pot and needs to air on the roots. Anthurium only requires a humidity awake, not the media who continue to wet. Anthurium can absorb food through the air because it does not give the media too dense to keep the air in the media layout remains awake. Before the flush, you can immerse your finger in the media, when the still feels moist sprinkling should be suspended first.
anthurium%20%20%288%29 Anthurium Plant
2. Crop plants the fear that pain
If you experience interference, such as leaves arise The speck is severe enough, the penghobi feel pity to cut the pain. They do expect treatment that is damaged leaves (yellow, dry) back into green. Note if the damage is severe it is cut directly in the course, because the disease is very fast, especially the type of jenmanii. Anthurium the pain that will result in slow growth, so you better do not hesitate to cut the pain but the new shoots can grow more quickly.

3. Afraid to check the root of health
Hobiis often afraid to disassemble the media to check the root of health Anthurium, they unload the media and late root rot is severe, the level of severe root rot can be seen with the growth stops and the leaves began to turn old. The root of healthy is very important for optimum growth of Anthurium, when the roots are still too few in the healing and nutrition will be used for root growth first, so that shoot growth until the roots will stop growing quite a lot. So do check regularly and roots do not be afraid if Anthurium akan stress demolished when the medium, which is important to maintain the root not to drop out when loading the media.

4. Hesitate to do the repotting
The size pot should always be adjusted with the large plant, generally the hobiis let Anthurium grow big pot but not replaced. The roots can not happen to grow freely and mutually involve each other because of the growth is the root of the border pot, this is the Anthurium disrupted growth mainly on the size of the parent that prevent the growth of cob. Do repotting when the root is touching the edge pot, careful not to teralu many drop out of the root, replace the media with the old plant a new and sterilkan first.

5. Want a completely practical
Anthurium valuable only expensive, of course, is owned by the berduit which, of course, was busy in the day-to-day routines. In general, they only provide a practical chemical fertilizer in the package and leave the organic fertilizer. And usually because you want to Anthurium growing large chemical fertilizer to give them too much / over-dose. Organic fertilizer is also needed to look more cemerlangnya leaf Anthurium tongkolnya or productivity, and over-dose on the occurrence of chemical fertilizer is very fatal consequences. Keep using organic manure and chemical fertilizer use according to the recommended dose.

6. Can not distinguish variegata and disease
Often seen as the color of leaves yellow or white blind hobiis that the plants have a mutation variegata. Well a few days later they realized that the new interference caused by pests, fungus, or lack of the required elements. This is still going on, especially beginners who are not yet know about the actual variegata.

7. Forget to season in the sun
For the penghobi do not have a green house that meets the requirements with the umbrella shading net, Anthurium generally placed in the terrace or in a shady room in the house. Moreover, with many cases of theft of Anthurium anthuriumnya lost their fear and always put in the room regardless of the needs sunlight to photosynthesis. Diligent-rajinlah season Anthurium in the morning is often the more the better, to maintain freshness and color grows according roset expectations.

8. Too diligent leaf shine
Because Anthuriumnya want to always appear clean and beautiful, the leaves shine hobiis with liquid chemical pengkilap with intensity too often. To pengelapan actual day-to-day use enough water (mineral water packed), or water that has been diendapkan. With a special liquid Pengkilapan be conducted two weeks or once a month. If the result is too often akan terhambatnya process asimilasi photosynthesis and stomata on the leaves.

9. Treatment it is not suitable
The penghobi still many who do not know the difference between a disease caused fungus, worm, insects, bacteria or poor nutrition. So many treatments that do not fit that does not cause disease kunjung terobati. Identify the first cause and fungicide use, bakterisida, insecticide, or the provision of adequate nutrition. There is also the use antiseptic to treat the disease Anthurium, actually only a little effect on the bacteria alone can not completely eliminate the bacteria, fungus, mold and insect or worm.

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