Minggu, 09 Agustus 2009

Adenium Magenta Color Flower

A. First swazicum disilangkan with A. boehmianum. Resulting from the generation kesatu: eye of the storm or the beauty of taiwan. First generation disilangkan again with A. obesum ‘white’. The result, siautientien on the second generation and the generations to Marmora-3. Marmora disilangkan generation back with harry potter so get white motif with a red splash of purple shaft.
So the fact

VIOLET Adenium Magenta Color Flower Adenium tricolor motif Godongijo the property nurseri akan released 2 months was already predicted. Similar to the occurrence of the harry potter, double flowers, and yellow. Five years ago, together with colleagues in Handry Semarang Adenium never predict the future patterns have 2 or more colors.

To get flower color in the Apocynaceae family members, their cross A. obesum and A. swazicum with A. somalense var crispum. Unfortunately less quickly, before getting the desired results such as, in 2003 Taiwan ‘birth’ harry potter.

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