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Characteristics and the nature PLANTATION Adenium

Characteristics and the nature PLANTATION Adenium
Adenium, in Cambodia, Indonesia, known as Japan. Cambodia Japanese name itself is actually misleading, because it can diidentikkan with Cambodia, which are found in the burial area. Cambodia is actually kind of plumeria, distant relatives of Adenium. Some of the differences between Adenium with plumeria is as follows:
small trees with small leaves long.

Plumeria trunked small aft without form tubers, with the loop plant that can grow large and high, with the form of a long and large leaves.

Adenium originate from the dry desert sand, the land of the african. There is Sebutannya Roses Padang Pasir. Because the region comes from the dry, the plant is more like the condition of dry compared to the media is too wet.

Adenium that the root tubers are swell as the Roots store water when the swell is appear above ground will form an impression as unique bonsai. While the soft stem does not wooden, but it can get.
Adenium arabicum Adenium
Shoot-shoot can grow from the side shoots on the stem or leaf of the former fall. Eyes shoot side will function (growth) over the plant shoots when cut. This made people at the time mempruning, to get the new leaves and flowers so that more will appear later in unison.

Daun Adenium have variety, form oval, spiny, small and large, and have a fluffy, some are without fur. While Adenium flower shaped like a trumpet, valvate 5, with various colors depending on the type (varietasnya) respectively.

Adenium have 2 groups, namely groups of species (native species), and Variety (type of marriage and cross the human form to search for new).

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