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How Caring Sansivera

Sansivera Plant

 Sansivera Plant

Sansivera plant also called a tongue-law is a favorite indoor plant lovers. Plant this one tend to like the character from the moist to dry conditions. Karana have to make the nature of this relatively resistant sansiviera longer be in the room.

Key so that the plant is capable of long-lived, is planting the appropriate media. Select a planting medium sand, husk, manure and soil with the comparison 2:2:0,5:1.

You can also use the formula as the planting medium sand, husk fuel, and fern, with a comparison of 1:1:1. Media such as charcoal or tumbuk, raw bran, compost leaves, cocopeat, with a little land. Media planting this will ensure smooth drainage so that the atmosphere does not lembap.

Do not forget, let styrofoam, gravel rough, frayed fraction / brick in the bottom of a pot to reduce the risk of a dense media, and save water too much. And when the plants start growing slowly or have started solid media, do the replacement of the media or do repotting.

For sprinkling, Sansevieria unnecessary disiram too often. Fair or 2 times a week when the media has seen dried. Fertilization for the type of plant is intended to spur growth and reduce stress when it is in the room.

Make fertilization with NPK 2:1:2 way ditabur or disemprot. Tabur slow release fertilizer (such as dekastar) can be done every 6 months. Fertilizer sprayer give 1-2 hours once when outside the room.
While in the room, Sansevieria dibasuh also need the drugs pengilap leaves. This drug useful for cleaning dust, the rest of the fertilizer, pesticides, and pests. Fair use only in time will be displayed in the room so that more interesting appearance.

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