Selasa, 18 Agustus 2009

More Adenium Nursery

Adenium planting with the root is below the normal mah. Unusual, to plant roots with Adenium above. In fact the view Adenium enchain, unique and experimental. Secretly many peminatnya. But how to make? What risk? Read this article only.
1. Roots behind the criteria is the most experimental, but the tune hobiis by a large bernyali for mentrain outgrowth adeniumnya. Behind the root of the style dominating this hump that grows naturally in the soil.
Growth is likely straight minimal curvature. Decision to use this style more on the condition that the root tuber is planted with a less interesting style of any.

Style is back with the root of the reverse way, so that the ends of the roots will be in the top, while the embedded batanglah hump. exotic forms often appear as a result of the decline to the end of the mengerucut roots. Plus the curve a little kurva, similar blade keris.

Training that is often heavy enough to fail, because the reverse process of growth Adenium drastically, especially tunasnya growth. Often also hump before the shoot but did not grow up in a very long time, like a stone in the growing kerakap

2. Mendisplay way behind the vertical, much mengadaptasikan with merebahkannya horizontal, but less mnonjolkan impression eksotisnya – appear normal-normal saja.

3. In the style of this request is not limited the number of roots, one root of a behind the toss as the keris is eligible. More roots will produce the very exotic. combination of height from the root of each root will increase the assessment.

4. Requirements that must be met, must be the root of mengerucut up from the stem tuber is planted, and over until the end of the root. Use the root of the straight with a relatively large the same, is not tolerated because it does not show the beauty.

5. Shoot growth can be started from the stem tuber roots, and leave the tuber tuber root of the flare-up. Arranged so that the branching does not cover the tuber or the root. considerable effort may be if the background.

6. Many hobiis menggrafting the tip of the root-edge. This also allowed. risk faced only on the slow growth of grafting.

7. The use of container plant / pot, considering the planting of a vertical tower to the top, should be kesembangannya using the pot in a little. The form of pot should not be too wide, size 5 above root tuber. So between stem tuber and pot edge not leaving empty space that is too many.

8. The root of the potential behind this many found everywhere. Hobiis courage to try, try also frequently seen, but considering the style of the root of the criteria have not been behind normal, a lot of errors that occur within the implement.

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