Kamis, 20 Agustus 2009

How to Get Giant Adenium

Adenium large can only be obtained with the requirements as follows: Being from plants that have good genes. Please note that, like humans, also carry genes Adenium-gen from the mother. Not all the seeds that come from Adenium Adenium seed indukan the same time, can grow to be large even huge, although originating from the same indukan. So that the selection of seeds derived from indukan very well that is absolutely needed.

Adenium Tips select bakalan: To select seed, steps that must be done, when to buy or select a set of seeds from Adenium the same parent group, first select the group that it has the most growth bongsor and healthy.
Adenium multiflorum+%28sabi star%29 Giant Adenium
Maintenance 3 years since the first seeding time is important in the development and spur the growth of seeds Adenium maximally. Re-election, the way of maintenance, environmental factors such as media selection, the availability of elements burly and fertilization, the appropriate container, sprinkling, humidity and sunlight intensity is the most important key in efforts menggenjot growth potential we Adenium giant. Patience and patience are also key. In Indonesia, we met a lot of Giant Size Adenium huge that he also tens of years, with the high reaching 3.5 meters in circumference and tuber roots and stem to reach over 1 meter (with an average diameter above 40 cm).

adenium Giant Adenium

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