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How To Plant Adenium 2

1. Main principles of good planting medium is porous and has a good permeability. Some of the planting media that can be used, among other cocopeat, husk fuel, compost, humus, dried bamboo leaves, peat moss, sand times, and transversal sand. Select media based on the mixture for ease of access.
Picture+015 Adenium Plant

Example seedling mix media, among others:
Cocopeat: husk fuel: sands of time with the comparison of 2: 2: 1
Sands of time: husk fuel: kapok / cotton with a comparison of 3: 3: 1
Sands of time: roasted husk: compost / humus with a comparison of 1: 1: 2

2. Adenium seed planting is done by seed sink horizontally in the planting medium with a depth of approximately 1 cm.

3. Make a sprinkling until evenly wet 2 times a day until a sprout (approximately 5 – 7 days since planting).

4. When the first leaf has emerged, reduce to 1 x sprinkling a day to Adenium seeds aged 3 months and is ready to move in an individual pot. Each time sprinkling the media do to become wet but does not tarnish.

5. Seedling Fertilizer Growite be applied after the seeds Adenium to grow at least 4 leaves. Fertilizer can be given to the way the spray to leaves. (Pupuk not burn the leaves) with a measure of the time and place.

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