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Unique Adenium form

Currently, fans Adenium look at the bonsai-like style with the benefits of feature-tuber and stem a beautiful header. Stem tuber under the curl, without a neat feature leaves, flowers and beautiful color every now longed Adenium Arabicum. This unique figure as feasible and be admired not invite rarely click amazed that view.
adenium bonggol Unique Adenium form

“The beauty of this is to make Adenium figures no longer enjoy the beautiful flowers, but it also forms a balanced composition, the proportion of canopy, stem, and the unique bonggolnya,” Dedi’s Sudiana Persada Adenium Nursery in Cibinong, Bogor.

According to Dedi, Adenium type knob that is be a lot of types of Adenium Arabicum because this is often used as the stem down. Adenium Arabicum including rare species. They are very exotic because large stem with many branches. “No wonder if Arabicum now become the prey maniak Adenium. Moreover, of the dwarf or kuntet, “he added.

With the noose and kuntet many short branches at the knob underneath the fat, Arabicum very interesting and classic look. With these kekuntetannya Arabicum this does not establish branches on high, but the knob beneath akan broad-contraction with the contraction of the more impressive to look exotic. Even the characters can be Arabicum this determines the quality and measurements.

To make Arabicum style bonsai, and beginners can start from seed or buy Anakan Adenium diameter knob with about 20 cm. “What many are at this time, the Petch Na Wang, Yak Saudi, Bu Ri barrel, and Sing Bu Ri,” a Dedi.

To buy Anakan, Dedi suggest, select plants that have formed at least five branches and symmetrical with the crown-shaped knob down (coudex) that fat branch with green stem. After six months, akan coudex form is more stable. “Living on how to make the big kekerdilannya so that will affect future growth,” he said.

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