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Caring Palem

6187 palem Palem  Plant

In order for you to tempt the palm, do the following treatment:

Undertake appropriate needs. Avoid not to cause water.

Do once a month during the rainy season. In the dry season, the growth of palm tree is not active because the period of rest. Therefore, do not need fertilization. Give 0,5 – 1 kg NPK per plant if higher plants less than 2 meters, or 1 – 2 kg of NPK per plant if the high reaches 3 meters more.

soft material anting putri nolina dan palem sinensis Palem  Plant

Pengepotan back
If the root of the palm in a pot and the ball has been formed to meet all volume pot, do pengepotan again. That is good in the wet season.

Which is often pest grasshopper (Valanga nigricans). Symptoms, does not appear to bite at the leaves regularly, even locusts can be sustained bites to the bone only remaining leaves. To address them, dispose of locusts in the trees, can also disemprot with 2 cc / liter Basudin 90 SC.

Is a disease that often leaves The speck. The fungus Fusarium sp. or gloesporium sp. Symptoms, there is The speck on the leaves yellow or green. The long run, The speck of light is used to leave the black, gray, and brown. To overcome this, cut the leaves fell ill. But if the attack late great, spray with Difolatan 4F or Dithane M45.

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