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Kind of Palem Tree

palem kuning 7rb Palem  Plant
Who did not know palm trees? Almost all people, young-old, know this one plant. Easily planted, easy care. If only first planted around the house or ornamental plants in the room, now also in the edge-edge way. Palemnya type of tree is more diverse in the palm tree seller. There are various types of palm on palm trees seller we know that. Some of them are:
- Palem Kuning
Have a latin name Chrysalidocarpus lutescens, Hyophorbe commersoniana, Hyophorbe indica, Areca palm, or areca lutescens. Merumpun growth, at 50-150 cm, rounded stem, beruas closed joint-pelepah leaf and stalk Tuscan (being a bit green). Compound leaves composed of curved and blade-blade leaves the child, and is located in pairs on the leaf stalk mother.
863645 palemanggur Palem  Plant
- Palem Ekor Fish
Called the fish tail palm (caryota plumos) in the palm seller, because it leaves the form of fish-like tails. Leaf edge beringgit like fish tails, leaves skin shine with the bone-bone that leaves menyirip. Leaves bright green color, length 20 cm and 15 cm wide. Higher plants can reach 3 meters more.

- Kol Palem
Appropriate name, sadeng palm tree from this seller have a fan-shaped leaves with a bending-bending-wave such as cabbage leaves (kobis). When planted in the house, the high could reach 3 meters. Leaves 40-50 cm long, and 60-70 cm wide. Color of leaves in the bottom of the light green, while at the top of the green.

- Palem Fan
Name (Livistona chinensis) in the seller is not separated from the palm leaf form. A similar half-circle fan open. Diameter leaf around 30-50 cm. This palm is one of the palm is the most durable in the room. Can reach a height of 10 meters. Appear beautiful when the plants are still at an altitude of less than 2 meters.

- Palem Wregu
The form of palm leaves wregu (Rhapis excelsa, R.aspera, R.humilis) the seller is almost like a tree with palm fan, but the color of shiny dark green leaves. Stem form of small rounded, beruas-segment, such as bamboo. Trunk young closed fiber such as brown hair.

- Palem Raja
King palm or palm sadeng who planted many come from Cuba, which is Roystone regia, R.buringuena, and R.elata. Palm is also known by the name of the Royal palm. Stem solid form, with the high reaching 25 meters more. Usually planted as roadside decoration.

- Palem Putri
As King palm, palm Putri often planted in the street. King palm-like shapes, but the green color of leaves more and more wide. Palem is shipped from Madagascar.

- Palem red
Keistimewahannya located on pelepah and a red bone. To maintain the red color, should be planted in the open around the page. Red palm is native Indonesia, among others, can be obtained in Kalimantan, in the lowland swamp forest up to 500 meters above sea level.

- Palem bottles
They simply bait, rod under bubble, while the narrow top of the stem, so that similar bottles. Tajuknya slow growth and narrow. Among the many types of palm, bottle palm always on the consumers, even a symbol often used as social-economic status.

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