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Adenium Pests and Diseases

Adenium oleifolium Adenium  Pests and Diseases

Maintenance Adenium often face a trial that makes us not only the breast stroke for the beginner, but also laborers experienced by most, even though the plant rarely fell ill Adenium Pests and Diseases.

Efforts made to prevent the occurrence of Pests and Diseases is: with the external environment to maintain cleanliness around the implant Adenium, both from insects, dirt, or weeds that are pests and disease vectors. Supervision since the early environmental conditions and early symptoms, it is very important since the early efforts to prevent the growth of pests and diseases. Kelembapan planting media and the environment are also important effort, with the environmental conditions and the distance of the plant will result in the plant will get the light intensity of the sun to grow enough so that the process can be optimized.

In addition, the internal treatment of plant, including sprinkling, fertilization is very influential in the development of the plant. Healthy plants tend to be less affected by the disease.

A. Pests

a. Aphid
Pest infestation in the form of yellow that are on the leaflet. The leaves fell ill grow akan not perfect and tend to curl.
Ways of using insecticides, such as Dursban, Demiter. This insecticide is a combination of contact between the killing and disturbing nervous. That is, when this insecticide on insects, dead insects akan directly, but if the insect does not die, die akan reproduksinya ability, can be cut off so that the insect life cycle. Insecticide is used in a way disemprotkan to the plants that fell ill aphid.

b. Nematoda
Nematoda generally found in the media often fostered the planting of the enclosure. Damage to the plant level that are caused by severe sekresi saliva into the plant diinjeksikan time nematoda bite or eat the plants. This process can result in death or the strength of the root and shoot lost, injury form, the plant network and tumefy broken.
How Penanggulangan nematoda can be done with the eject / besprinkle Furadan or nematisida Dazomet 98% with the dose in accordance with the recommendation.

c. Fungus Gnat
Fungus gnat is a pest of the mosquito-like black. Target pest is a flower.
Symptoms: the flowers fell ill marked with the black spot in kuncupnya. Some of the old and the flower bud will rot and fall.
How to handle: using insecticides, such as dursban or Proleaf the disemprotkan to the plants that fell ill.

d. Root Mealy Bug
Pest infestation of hair like this, but white, and generally found in the media that lembap plant. The plant may experience fading serangannya shoots with the root of corruption.
Penanggulan ways: using the recommended combination nematisida, insecticide, and fungicide, such as Diazinon with disiramkan way to the media because the source of planting it in the media hiding in the plant or the plant to replace the entire media with new media the plant sterile. Plants previously dicelukan to rendaman insecticide solution.

e. Mealy Bug
Mealy Bug infestation is a white, and found in the axilla and leaf leaflet. Lice have a similar meal. This attack lice cause abnormal growth into shoots. Penanggulangan way: with a squirt insecticide such as Diazinon or Proleaf the disemprotkan to the plants exposed to attack.

f. Ant
Ant nest is often in the media or under the plant pot, so that it can damage the roots and shoots Adenium. This can disrupt the growth of Adenium. ant is a vector of disease.
Way of: soaking the pot in water to Adenium menyiramnya or use drugs antisemut.

g. Spider Mite
Pests red likes to burrow under the leaf and the leaf axilla.
Symptoms: The leaves that fell ill akan mat.
Penanggulangan ways: using akarisida, for example Kelthane.

h. Thrips
Black lice move this fast.
Symptoms: It can be seen on the flowers that are still closed, so that the interest and failed to become dry.
Penanggulangan way: with a squirt insecticide, such as Detimer, which disemprotkan exposed to the attacks.


a. Root decay
Root decay is a disease that can be experienced by anyone, do not worry if he is very experienced, beginners or unless we are only planting the finger in a matter of Adenium. To understand clearly the causes, and ways of saving steps can be seen on page Busuk Roots Adenium Medicine

b. Withered shoots
Shoots due to fading caused by the fusarium fungus.
Symptoms: The affected plants withered in the bud shoots leaf akan black and rot. If you fell ill Adenium shoots, growth will automatically stop.
How Penanggulangan: inject with fungicide.

c. Pomopsis
Disease that attacks the surface of the leaves often appear during the rainy season.
Symptoms: The leaves that fell ill and kecokelatan akan colored rot.
Penanggulangan way: with a squirt fungicide

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