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Anthurium Plant

Anthurium Plant Cultivation

07%20048 Anthurium Plant
Anthurium is a tropical ornamental plant, has a high attraction as room decoration, because the form of leaves and flowers are beautiful, the Anthurium leaved
 Anthurium Plant is a beautiful native of Indonesia, while the interest rate cut to come from Europe.
In Indonesia there are not less than 7 types of Anthurium, Anthurium cyrstalinum namely (elephant ear), Anthurium pedatoradiatum (wali Songo), Anthurium andreanum,
Rafidooa Anthurium, Anthurium hibridum (elephant tongue), and makrolobum Anthurium Anthurium scherzerianum.
2009 01 TENERIFE%20241 tr Anthurium Plant
Anthurium 2 may be the way, the generative (seeds) and vegetative (stek).
1. Multiplication with a generative (seed)
Anthurium plants have 2 kinds of flowers (Figure 1), namely male flowers and female flowers. Interest marked by the male stamen, while the female flowers by the mucus. Seeds obtained by cross male flowers and female flowers.
By using jentik, flower essence and taken to be smeared on the average interest rate of mucus in the female. Approximately 2 months later, the interest
generated already cooked, in many Anthurium seed. Seeds are peeled, washed until clean and diangin-anginkan, then ditabur
in the medium ground smooth. Placed on the seedbed moist conditions and
always disiram.
2. With the vegetative multiplication (stek)
There are 2 ways of vegetative multiplication, namely stek stem stek eyes and shoot.
How to increase the stek stem is cut off the top of the plant (stem) with the 1 – 3 roots, the top of the plants’ that have been cut and planted, grown on a medium that has been prepared (Figure 2). On the multiplication of the shoot is to take one’s eyes on the branch, and then planting the shoots grow in the medium
which has been prepared (Figure 3). How Tabur stek and seeds are presented in
Figure 4.

PENYIAPAN Medium growth
Based on usage, growth medium is divided into 2 types, the hotbed for the growing medium and plants for the adults. Growth medium consisting of a mixture of humus, manure and sand time. Humus
or forest land, and manure that had already been in the sieve with a sieve size of 1 cm, while the sands of time in the sieve with 3 mm sieve size.
Humus, manure and sand that have been times in sieve, mixed with a comparison of 5: 5: 2. For seedbed, growing medium should be sterilized with the vapor for one hour.

Anthurium flowers to plant, can be used pot soil, pot or plastic pot straso. The pot is good pot has a lot of land because the pore-pore that can permeate the air from outside of the pot. When the pot is still new, need to pot soaked in water for 10 minutes. The bottom of the pot given the precarious fraction / pot the curve, and then on top of bills, given the brick setebal 1 / 4 high pot. Medium to grow a mixture of humus, manure and sand times included in the pot (Figure 5).

After planting, the plants are kept flush with the 1 – 2 times a day. Leaves that are old or damaged due to pests and diseases, crop plants that are clean and attractive. This plant should be kept in
shade because plants do not hold direct sunlight.

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