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save root rot

Adenium multiflorum (sabi star), bunga Yang Cantik, Beautiful Flower, Indonesian Flower

If the leaves suddenly turn yellow and a lot of ideas, can-can is a sign of root rot. Adenium so that must be saved immediately in order not to die. For root rot is the absorption of water that is too much absorption of water and not through the track through injury.

How to prevent the problem does not rot because of water absorption are:

     * Use of porous media.
     * Drainage hole must be smooth.
     * If Adenium are not in active growth period, the media must be kept dry out slightly before the next sprinkling.

Note: The hose often depends of various factors such as Adenium are actively growing or not, age Adenium, Adenium large, power of media to keep out water, and the size of the pot. So, Adenium give water can each day, two days once, once in three days, according to the different needs of each plant.
Ways to prevent decay due to injury:

     * Be careful when making a transplant, not to harm the roots.
     * Sterilize tools to do the training root.
     * Make a transplant or training only when Adenium are actively growing.
     * If there are wounds on the root of (intentionally or not) let the wound dry out before planting and disiram after new signs of growth (approximately 1 week).

Adenium already if we show signs of rot, then immediately pull out of its pot. Wash clean and un-decayed part of the sterile knife. Do not hesitate to remove the decay, only a few remaining, decay can creep. Olesi wounds with fungicide and let the wound dry out. Old wounds will shrink according to different circumstances injury (can be several days until the forty days). If the injury was not dry up, even wet, it means there is little left that is still rotten and worm. Tega-cut is the root of the decay until there is no iota of remaining or re-appear rotten. After the wound to dry properly, then Adenium ready to be planted again. However, the previous application root stimulation and dry again. Planting in the media and do not give water up to a week. The first time must be sprinkling a little bit. When showing signs of growth the leaves or branches give water as usual.

Adenium oleifolium , bunga Yang Cantik, Beautiful Flower, Indonesian Flower, Jepun Jepang

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