Rabu, 22 Juli 2009

Dendrobium derryi Ridl 1907

Dendrobium derryi Ridl 1907, maybe you only will find in indonesia. This Orchid not easy to find in my area, and i think if you want to buy this flower, you must work hard.

Dendrobium derryi Ridl 1907 is found in Sumatera, Kalimantan, and Malaysia. My Dendrobium derryi is from Sumatera. When i received the plant, it has no live root at all. I was worried that this plat which belong in the Oxystophyllum section will not make it.

After a few months, there was a new bulb. And then more bulb. And after so long (probably almost a year), it bloomed for the first time, and only one flower.

I put the slab under open air, no shade at all. However, the roof of my house protect it from the mid day to afternoon sun.

Den+derryi+side+view Dendrobium derryi Ridl 1907Den+derryi+plant Dendrobium derryi Ridl 1907

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