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More About Adenium

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All about Adenium:

Put …
What do you need that if Adenium direct sunlight at least 5 hours per day. Adenium can survive temperatures between 5-52 degrees c. But, for Adenium young (under age 2 months) is better placed at the sun is not directly or dimpan in the shade.

Siram …
Sprinkling can be done every day if the dry season comes, but less during the sprinkling rain. If it does not need to siram in need, because the root / tuber Adenium can save water well.

Tanam alias media in the land use …
Can use the sand + charcoal + manure comparison with 1:1:1. If not found charcoal husk can be used or other materials that are similar. More perfect if dolomite lime added secukupnya. Media replacement planting can be done every 6 months or once a year

How fertilization …
Fertilization can use manure, compost or humus is added to the media on the surface of the plant once every 1 months. In addition, organic fertilizer can be used fabric in the form of tablets or grain. Also factory-made chemical fertilizers that are slow release (not easily dissolved) as Dekastar, Magamp, Osmocote every 3 or 6 months.

Fertilizer leaves can also be, as Gandasil, Hyponex etc.. besides it can be added, such as growth hormone Atonik, etc. Dekamon way disemprotkan to sekujur plants once a month.

If you already adeniumnya grow well. Do not rejoice first, soalnya in each term there are certain plants pests and diseases, can also be Adenium Pests & diseases. To recognize Pests and Diseases in the Adenium plant, the following list:

Pests attack:
What are Pests and diseases can become a subscription Adenium?
** Red mite.
Alerts: autumn leaves and the yellow shoots.
How to handle, use akarisida such as: Kelthane or Omite.

** And lice infestation Yellow White
Alerts: On the base of shoots have delouse yellow, and black or change the berwarba white lice.
How to handle: the fight Supraside such as insecticides, Decis, Curacron or Basudin 3 times a week.

** Nematod.
The attack usually occurs in the roots, and marked with yellow autumn leaves.
How to handle: Use Furadan 3G for prevention.

** Jamur and bacteria:
Symptoms: The speck and the leaves turn brown
How penganggulangan: Semprotkan fungicide such as Benlate, Dithane M45, or Rdomil.
For Prevention: place the plant in full sun light, clean environment.

** Drfisiensi burly elements.
Symptoms often occur leaf growth is slow, without the leaves turn yellow, fall off easily, not perfect flower shapes and easy to fall off.
The planting media is not already replaced or planting media ph is too acid so that the absorption elements burly.
Penanggulangan way: Replace the planting media.

** Virus.
The speck is the symptoms appear, The speck of color from the color of younger leaves or as variegata.
No medicine.

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