Kamis, 23 Juli 2009

Golden Mountain Cornflower

Golden Mountain Cornflower
Cornflower, trust me, i never find this flower in my area. If orchid or adenium i will find very easy. This plant maybe only will you find in special place.

more about Golden Mountain Cornflower
Centaurea montana 'Gold Bullion'
(sen-TAR-ee-uh) (MON-tah-nuh)

There was recently a post on 'Amethyst in Snow', which is another cultivar of Centaurea montana and I thought that one was eye catching. This flower was pretty amazing to me. It is not for everyone, I am sure, but having a small patch of these would be fantastic.

The Mountain Cornflower doesn't require a lot of care to grow. The one thing they don't seem to like is wet feet in the winter. Other than that they seem to happily grow just about anywhere. With 'Gold Bullion' and a lot of other gold foliaged plants you are going to want full sun for the best leaf color.

The name Centaurea comes from Greek mythology. Chiron the centaur was said to have used the flower to heal the wounds from one of Hercules' poisoned arrows.

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