Senin, 13 Juli 2009

About Adenium Hybrid

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Crossing and selection of the more intensively to make various types of Adenium. Hybridization initially involve indukan obesum Adenium multiflorum with the disilangkan and somalense also swazicum. Adenium Arabicum while and have socotranum path can not be withdrawn because disilangkan with other species. Obesum indukan Chosen as easy as including the most seeds. Most of the hybrids at this time called a little "blood" multiflorum and somalense. There are dozens of types of Adenium already known is called the area, although the actual type of hybrid Adenium have hundreds and even thousands.

Usually Adenium hybrids selected color and a good interest-bearing rajinnya. But there were also selected because of leaf color and growth pattern.

Adenium hybrid through this normal / digrafting as the flower stem up or the color good, while the bottom of the stem comes from the seeds of root good. In this way adenium children will have any type such as mother up with a knob.

In Taiwan have also called the hybrid seeds, but not chi 100% like indukannya. Level of similarity with the mother between 20% -80% of Anakan. This will have a more subtle Anakan used without a connection. However, in Thailand, it is not used but Anakan differentiated according to color, ie pink, red, white and purple. Anakan so that almost certainly will be colored according to purpose.

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