Jumat, 17 Juli 2009

Great Orchid

Grammatophyllum speciosum Orchid, Anggrek kategori, Anggrek Cantik

Grammatophyllum speciosum Orchid, Anggrek kategori, Cantik, Bunga Unik

Grammatophyllum speciosum Orchid, Anggrek kategori, Cantik, Bunga Unik, Si Belang

Grammatophyllum speciosum Orchid, Anggrek kategori, Cantik, Bunga Unik, Si Belang, Bertotol

Do you know?? This is the heavyweight of jawara orchid world. Jawara is called Grammatophyllum speciosum or seringpula been called by the name of G. papuanum which is believed as one of the variannya. This widespread plant from Sumatra, Kalimantan, Java, and Papua. Therefore, it is not surprising many variants found its variants-with the form of plants and flowers the color is slightly different. In one adult family, this plant can reach the weight of more than 1 ton and long tassel flower up to 3 meters with a diameter of 1,5-2 cm tassel. That is tassel capable of supporting tens of flowers flower bud diameter 7-10 cm. From ... complexion of the local interest rates are often call him with a tiger orchid will ... but this is often a rancu with relatives, Grammatophyllum scriptum have a similar pattern. Therefore, it is also popular with the orchid as a cane, because the trees that form rod-like sugar cane tree trunks. Although persebarannya wide anggrek ... this is a serious threat of uncontrollable hunting and habitat destruction. Form a very large tree easily seen by the hunter, especially when interest rates raise the light. Maintenance is not yet in the natural habitat with a reliable seed is difficult because the slow growth phase of seed to reach the mature plants ready to flower. Perhaps this is the case that underlie why it has become one of the orchid species are protected.

For orchid lovers, it will surely be one of the "most wanted" list in the collection. So that hunting of wild orchids in this habitat can be controlled, then the steps of cultivating vegetative and generative should be empowered. Moreover, it is very easy to the famous shoot of stek bulb. At least, with the vegetative buy orchid seedlings of sugar cane Maintenance vegetative (shoot from the bulb stek) can be one of the efforts to maintain the natural preservation of orchids Indonesia.

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