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nature Adenium seeds

beatifull adenium

Many people say if Adenium is a desert plant. This contention is not correct because the plant is found in desert regions. To note that actual Adenium is derived from tropical plants. In ancient times the world's tropical Adenium gradually become a desert. Adenium type that is not resistant to the increasingly difficult environment akan mati. But there are still a few survive and become Adenium plants that we know now.

The most suitable areas in the wilderness to spread the seed of the generative is the wind. Adenium seeds provided with fur, with thin and hollow, so easy to wind drift involved. When cooking beans, the pod (seed pod) will shatter and scatter seeds Adenium who are in it. A pair of pod usually produces 100-150 seeds with the concoction around 80 days. The amount of content per pod depends on the condition mother for example: large tree parent, nutrition, the number must be a ghost, etc..

Adenium seed-like things its seeds will remain on the phase dorman until he finds a suitable place for growth. Adenium seed dorman akan that reacts to water. suck water down to the skin will cause the seeds of Adenium fetus produces a hormone. Absorption of water will also create a network in a seed form dehydration enzyme. This enzyme help form will dormansi split that occurred in the seeds of Adenium.

After the dorman terlewati, the seeds begin to live with respiration / breathing, so to change food into energy reserves. This energy will trigger a series of fission reactions, so that growth and differentiation that will form the root, stem and leaves. In the seedbed, the cotyledon (the seed that contains food reserves) will be up to the surface. Once picked up, then cotyledon than as a food reserve, also function as organ photosynthetic.

In fact, Adenium seeds germinate very easily. However, there is often the seed would not sprout, this is caused by several factors, among others, levels of fertility (fertility) of seeds, quality seed in the post-harvest handling, and because the seeding is less precise.

  Follicleof the seed Adenium cause minimal protection against the fetus by interference in the form of physical, biological, or chemical. Without the correct treatment, the seeds grow into power is reduced over the age increased. If the handling of pickup, then in five weeks, shoot growth rate to be only 10% only. Of the seed will dry out the seeds and cleaning that can not be easily damaged. How to select good seed is the seed to see color. The bright color is a seed that is still fresh, while the seed was too dirty brown.
Adenium obesum (Desert Rose), bunga Yang Cantik, Beautiful Flower, Indonesian Flower

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