Senin, 13 Juli 2009

connect / grafting Adenium

beatifull adenium
Connecting is the most often used to propagate hybrid Adenium. This work also speed up the growth of the stem when young.

Stem below the selected the root good. Bottom of the stem must be currently active growth, while the top of the stem may be growing or dorman.

The steps:

     * Cut down the stem shaped V.
     * Cut the stem on the V-shaped, opposite from the stem down.
     * Put up the stem to the bottom of the discount that has been made.
     * Cambium match at stem top and bottom of the stem in one hand. In fact on both sides of the match better, but the big rod up and down the stem s haru same.
     * connection with the plastic strap seer at possible.
     * Protect the connection from the water with a transparent cover with plastic.
     * After connection integrates well (about 1 month) release the ligament.

Adenium obesum (Desert Rose), bunga Yang Cantik, Beautiful Flower, Indonesian Flower

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