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Hot to Make month orchid not pinchpenny to have flower

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Anyone see beauty definitely attracted interest Phalaenopsis orchids aka the days of depending on the rod-rod out of the interest tanaman2 healthy orchids, which are currently hover like kupu2 the breezy wind that is often make the flower like fly.

They ooh and phalaenopsis is presumably the only popular among orchid hobbiis today. However, there is suspicion that this orchid genus is especially difficult enough to make it flower. Really?

Here are some practical tips and tricks and simple so diligent phalaenopsis flowering.

1. If you want to keep out of small bottles better buy species / hybrids that have the name came from or who have nurseri experts in the field. The good seed is the first step necessary before proceeding to the next step.

2. If you buy the adult size careful nature Phalaenopsis first before you buy.

3. Many artikel2 read about the maintenance of Phalaenopsis orchids book like electronic media or the Internet so that the hone our ability.

4. Root, which is absolutely necessary for healthy flowering, so watch the media that is used so that the root can grow phalaenopsis perfect, the nature of media that can be selected to absorb water but do not store water, a combination of media can be obtained so that the sifat2 pas.

5. Without a healthy root, the leaves will not grow well, ciri2 healthy plants usually will grow new leaves the greater / same with the large leaves before. Keep leaves to stay healthy because the organ is to produce a useful substance burly to be used by plants.

6. Phalaenopsis do not try to keep your exposure to rain, which leaves a large and often cause surging rain water left behind can cause fungus and disease to proliferate and attack your orchids.

7. Keep up do not occur on orchids you dehydration, sprinkling do regularly, but not excessive.

8. Fertilization is done on both the leaves, top and bottom, in the morning before the sun light on your plants.

9. Use several kinds of fertilizers, cross-lapse between chemical fertilizer and organic fertilizer, if the plants are grown may be used by the booster fertilizer.
10. the most important note four important elements in the maintenance of Phalaenopsis that can not be ignored, namely:

Phalaenopsis orchids, including the resistance are not directly by the sun, morning sun, afternoon shade is obstructed by foliage, including the most good to support vegetative growth and flowering trigger.

Phalaenopsis like the humidity, ideally between 60% -75%, is too moist will cause fungus breed easily, too dry the plant will cause dehydration. To keep the humidity can be placed paku2an plants and gentong contain water under the plant pot Phalaenopsis

Phalaenopsis orchids epifit including that usually stick to the parent tree is high, and flow like a breezy wind, aerasi also maintain the humidity level that is not too saturated.

Usually key phalaenopsis flowering is triggered if there is a difference in temperature - the lowest around 10 degrees centigrade, therefore the ideal temperature for the kupu2 is 18-28 degrees centigrade.

With all the attention over the expected hobiis can all lend phalaenopsisnya ward at a time that is difficult to maintain the phalaenopsis.

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